True Blue

Your Vote Matters

Members of the VCPU strive for a safe community for everyone to enjoy. Make sure you’re part of that conversation on December 12th.

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They’re seen as a very positive presence and our members would be happy to see more of that.

Jeff Bray, Executive Officer

Downtown Victoria Business Association

We find the police to be very compassionate and caring. They’re a valuable, valuable asset.

Don Evans, Executive Director

Our Place Society

More Than Law Enforcement

Valued Partners

Tackling the issues challenging our community require the cooperation of valued partners. VicPD help create the safe environment crucial for positive change to occur. Find out who we work with to solve some of the pressing issues in our community.

Part of the Solution

The VicPD needs to be involved in finding solutions to the challenges that affect our community. We are only part of the solution but action doesn’t take place without our involvement. Find out the challenges that affect your peace officers on a daily basis.

The Face of Policing

There’s a person behind every uniform. Meet some of Victoria’s most dedicated peace officers and find out what being a member of VicPD means to them.

About Us

Our dedicated members have been serving the people of Greater Victoria for more than 160 years. Today, we are 249 members strong working in the neighbourhoods of Victoria and Esquimalt to:

Make our community a safe, supportive place where all people can choose to live happy, healthy, productive lives.

Make a Difference This Holiday

In partnership with the Victoria City Police Union, Ocean 98.5 brings you Robin & AJ’s Random Acts of Christmas! Nominate someone in your life who deserves a little bit of extra holiday cheer

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What's Happening Now


Our focus on social media is to engage and inform. By creating an opportunity for dialogue with our community we hope to showcase the amazing efforts of the VicPD and ensure your concerns are at the forefront of our actions.