True Blue

Police Union Sends Letters to All Victoria City Councillors and Mayor

Members want visible support from their municipal council and a commitment to restoring a sense of safety to the community. Read More

Read Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps response

More Than Law Enforcement

Valued Partners

Tackling the issues challenging our community require the cooperation of valued partners. VicPD help create the safe environment crucial for positive change to occur. Find out who we work with to solve some of the pressing issues in our community.

Part of the Solution

The VicPD needs to be involved in finding solutions to the challenges that affect our community. We are only part of the solution but action doesn’t take place without our involvement. Find out the challenges that affect your peace officers on a daily basis.

The Face of Policing

There’s a person behind every uniform. Meet some of Victoria’s most dedicated peace officers and find out what being a member of VicPD means to them.

About Us

Our dedicated members have been serving the people of Greater Victoria for more than 160 years. Today, we are 249 members strong working in the neighbourhoods of Victoria and Esquimalt to:

Make our community a safe, supportive place where all people can choose to live happy, healthy, productive lives.

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